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Chaplaincy and Clinical Ministries

FaithHealth Chaplaincy and Clinical Ministries

IMG_1271 - Version 2The Department of FaithHealth Chaplaincy and Clinical Ministries and the Department of FaithHealth Education traditionally served as one department, the Department of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Education. This department has provided chaplaincy ministry to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for more than 50 years and is the oldest chaplaincy program in the Southeast region, and one of the largest of its kind anywhere. The chaplaincy ministry program combines ministry with education. Crisis ministry and routine visits to patients, families and staff is provided by ministers who are learning to become more effective servants of the people. These chaplain interns and residents provide routine visits Monday through Friday during regular business hours and an on-call chaplain provides coverage for emergent and crisis calls 24/7. Staff chaplains specialize in providing services to the Medical Center in the areas of Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives, support to hospital staff, and other areas.

IMG_1264 - Version 2The Department of FaithHealth Education provides a wide range of educational opportunities and educational resources for chaplain residents, interns, hospital staff, and community clergy, congregations, and community organizations. The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, provides accreditation for the Clinical Pastoral Education program(CPE) which provides . CPE is offered Level I, Level II and Supervisory Residency. The CPE programs provides internships for the summer and two extended units from August to May to meet the needs of seminarians, ministers and others interested in improving pastoral care skills and those ordained ministers interested in pursuing chaplaincy as a career.



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