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Run/Walk in  Gastonia!



The Gaston Gazette ran an article on the Gastonia Parish Nurse Ministry’s “Run/Walk for God Fitness and Spiritual Wellness” program. The 12-week program, managed by the CaroMont Faith & Health Ministry is helps people complete a 5k walk or run. The article describes the effort:

Participants will learn about proper footwear, injury prevention, basic nutrition, stretching, and core exercises. They will have opportunities to join other group exercise classes in the community, nutrition-oriented grocery store tours, free heart-healthy cooking classes, and many other activities. Each session will include a devotion and prayer time, and there will be guest speakers at several sessions. (Photo: Gaston Gazette)

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Gaston Gazette: FaithHealth Gaston offers support for senior patients,

What happens when you’re discharged from the hospital and have no one to support you and no way to get to your next appointment? The Gaston Gazette recently ran an article on FaithHealth-Gaston’s work with seniors and others.

“What happens after discharge is arguably just as important as what happens while a patient is in the hospital and can dramatically influence the outcome for a patient,” Lisa Marisiddaiah, RN and manager of FaithHealth-Gaston told the Gazette. “FaithHealth-Gaston is based on the premise that faith groups play a key role in advancing the health of individuals during times of illness and especially through prevention and overall wellness.”

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FaithHealth-Gaston one-year anniversary celebration

Lisa Marisiddaiah shares some photos from the FaithHealth-Gaston one-year anniversary celebration, which was held on May 4th at Caromont Regional Medical Center. The celebration was combined with a volunteer appreciation event, so there were lots of FaithHealth-Gaston volunteers as well as FaithHealth-Gaston Community Partners in attendance.


FaithHealth Holidays in Gaston County

FaithHealth-Gaston volunteers/staff at its holiday luncheon, December 12.