A Shared Mission of Healing



Jeremy Mosely


Jeremy Moseley. Jeremy was born in Kinston, NC, and attended UNC-Chapel Hill and East Carolina University, with foci in public health, policy, analysis, and management. He worked for the NC Division of Public Health for 4 years, Duke University, and other health care organizations before coming to WFBMC in 2011. He is Director of Community Engagement in FaithHealth. His hobbies include listening to jazz, watching sports and spending time with his family.


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Annika Archie.



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Pecola Blackburn. Pecola was born in Darlington,SC and moved to Winston Salem when she was four years old. She has worked for Wake Forest for 7 years.  She enjoys cooking, singing and taking care of her 2 beautiful grandchildren,  and she has two children.  She loves doing her job, caring for the community and thanks God for the job she is doing, as truly believes she is helping others.

enrique catina


Enrique Catana. Enrique was born in Mexico City, but has lived in the US for over 13 years. His hobbies include playing the piano, singing and doing things for friends. He loves working in the community and started as a Supporter in February 2015. He worked in the past a radio announcer and enjoys producing radio programs.

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Mary Dendy. Mary was born in Seneca, SC, and has been employed with Wake Forest for 15 years. She has two children and two grandchildren. She enjoys playing bingo, helping Senior Citizens, singing and dancing and cooking. She truly loves the Lord and feels blessed to be a Supporter of Health. She likes to go “above and beyond” to meet the needs of those she helps in the community, who truly appreciate what she does for them.  Her efforts put a smile on her face, and it touches her heart when she gets a hug and kiss from those she serves.

Vernita Frasier


Vernita Frasier. Vernita is a loving mother of four who has worked for WFBMC for over 28 years. She enjoys and loves her work and was born in Winston-Salem. Her hobbies include cooking for family, singing in the choir,  traveling and doing for others.



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Alvin Carlisle





Donna Cooke




Tembila Covington




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