A Shared Mission of Healing


Chaplaincy and Clinical Ministries Stories


First Responder Chaplains. These high-level sensory exposures and other work-related first responder tasks can lead to health challenges such as chronic stress, social isolation, suppressed immune system, anxiety or hypertension — all of which can contribute to poor health and shorter lifespans.A team of chaplains serve fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies. Read Story HERE.


outside chaplainOutside Chaplains. In recent years, the CPE program has been moving to provide spiritual guidance not just while people are in the hospital, but in the community setting, too. That applies to Graylin Carlton’s efforts with homeless people and those of Rev. Jessica Chapman, a CPE resident assigned to the care team working with at-risk patients at the Downtown Health Plaza in Winston-Salem. Read the Story HERE.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.46.17 AMThe Clinical Pastoral Education program and CareNet Counseling are transforming to meet what 21st-century medicine is proving to require — nontraditional means of assisting a population that, despite technology advances, is becoming more disconnected. At stake may just be the future of community health. Read Story HERE.


Rivers-FrancisQ & A: Francis Rivers. FaithHealthNC held four workshops in Winston-Salem for Hispanic/Latino people who seek health care as well as for those who provide it. Undocumented Hispanic/Latino residents in the city have a median family income of $28,600. Because of transportation barriers and lack of insurance these persons face additional challenges getting healthcare. Read more HERE.


faith health north carolina dianne hortonGroups Lend Hand to Dialysis Patients. Masons, Veterans, Baptists and others join forces to support patients at dialysis centers, specifically Miller Street and Piedmont in Winston-Salem. “I saw the smiles on the social workers’ faces because they knew the impact these items would make in the lives of the dialysis patients,” says Dianne Horton. Read story HERE.