A Shared Mission of Healing

McDowell Resources

McDowell County Resources 



1. Grace Community Church 828-724-9599

2. Greenlee Baptist Church 828-668-6075

3. Sugar Hill Baptist Church 828-738-8587

4. Grace Baptist Church 828-652-8184

5. St. John’s Episcopal Church 828-652-4144

6. McDowell Health Department 828-652-6811

7. Clinchfield Methodist Church 828-652-2759

8. North Cove Resource Center 828-460-3497

9. West Marion Elementary 828-738-3353

10. Pleasant Hill Methodist Church 828-659-2059

11. Glenwood Baptist Church 828-738-4998

12. Old Fort Resource Center 828-460-3932

13. McDowell Pregnancy Center 828-652-7676

14. McDowell Senior Center 828-659-0821

15. Manna Food Bank 828-299-3663

Other Resources: 

1. McDowell Mission Ministries 828-659-6490

a. Food

b. Clothing

c. Battered Women’s Shelter

d. Men’s Shelter

e. Women’s Shelter

f. Job Training

2. Salvation Army Social Services 828-659-2522

a. Water Payment Assistance

b. Heating Oil Assistance

c. Electric Service Assistance

d. Gas Service Assistance

e. Clothing

f. Rent\Mortgage Assistance

g. Assistant with House Fire and Natural Disaster

3. McDowell County Pregnancy Care Center 828-652-7676

a. Pregnancy Tests

b. Educational material

c. Formula

d. Baby Food

e. Maternity and Baby Clothing

f. Diapers and Wipes

g. Food

4. McDowell Senior Center 828-659-0821

a. Meals on Wheels

b. Legal Aid with Taxes, Living Wills, Power of Attorney

c. Education Material

d. Recreation

e. Support Services for the Aging and Elderly

5. Community Care (EMS) Paramedic 828-668-2271

a. Medical Evaluations

b. In Home Medical Assistance

6. MAHEC Dental 828-398-5910

a. Dental Services

7. Blue Ridge Health Community Services 828-288-2881

a. Health Services

b. Dental Services

8. Department of Social Services 828-652-3355

a. Food

b. Medical Assistance

c. Financial Assistance

d. Dental Bus

9. McDowell County Health Department 828-652-6811

a. Food

b. Health Services

c. Vaccinations

10. Hospice 828-652-1318

a. Advance Care Planning

b. Education Material

c. Grief Counseling

d. End of Life Care

11. Smokey Mountain Center LME/MCO 800-849-6127

a. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

12. CareNet Counseling West 704-871-1712

a. Outpatient Counseling

13. Celebrate Recover\Grace Community Church 828-724-9599

a. 12 Step Christian Recovery Program

14. Christ Centered Recovery Program 828-433-6332

a. A Christ Centered Residential Recovery Program

15. Christ Centered Living 828-738-4729

a. Biblical Counseling

16. Cross Memorial Baptist Church 828-652-6315

a. Firewood Ministry

17. Pleasant Garden’s Baptist Church 828-724-4383

a. Ramp Building Services

18. RHA Behavioral Health Services 828-652-2919

a. Dedicated to providing effective, high quality support to individuals with mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability needs.

19. FaithHealthNC of McDowell County 828-738-4729

a. Transportation to Doctor’s Appointments\Follow-Up Appointments, Dentist Appointments, Grocery Store, Food Pantries, etc.

b. Help with Organizing Medications

c. Help with Understanding Hospital and Doctor’s Orders and Instructions

d. General In Home Non Medical Support for the Aging, Elderly and Less Fortunate

e. Help with Filling Out Applications for Services and Doctor’s Offices

f. Connecting Individuals with Proper Resources

g. Help with Telephone and Email Communications

h. Spiritual and Prayer Support

i. Encouragement

j. Love