A Shared Mission of Healing

FHNC Covenant

Download the a PDF of the Covenant here.

A Covenant of Caring through Shared Commitments

FaithHealthNC is a movement that partners congregations, health care providers and community organizations to leverage faith assets to improve health in the community.  Combining our strengths, covenant partners agree to join together to improve the health of individuals and communities.

Congregational Commitments

Partnering congregations agree to:

  1. Participate in training events relevant to their needs and interests
  2. Inform their clergy and Congregational Care Coordinators (CCC’s) when medical issues arise for which they desire support
  3. Embrace a missional emphasis by offering congregational care to one’s neighbors and community
  4. Support their clergy and congregational caregivers in providing care to members and neighbors before, during and after hospitalization
  5. Explore wellness programs for their congregations, neighborhoods and communities (such as health screenings, health fairs, and educational events)
  6. Be open to collaborating with other congregational partners in health-related ministries
  7. Encourage members and others to join the FaithHealthNC network
  8. Assign a Congregational Care Coordinator to facilitate health care ministries; provide support to the CCC’s
  9. Encourage CCC’s and congregational members to receive needed training
  10. Help CCC’s and caregivers facilitate support for members following hospitalization
  11. Provide ongoing leadership for the congregation’s health care ministries, including:

Partnering Clergy agree to:

  • Help individuals be informed about the partnership and encourage them to become active participants
  • Provide opportunities for the Health Care Liaison to build trusting relationships with members
  • Support the partnership through prayer
  • Model and encourage the values and practices of a healthy lifestyle
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the congregation’s health ministries
  • Support the strengths of existing health ministries within the congregation and be open to exploring new opportunities

FaithHealth Community Partner Commitments

Other health care providers and community organizations interested in promoting health are invited to contribute their strengths and resources to expand the scope and work of FaithHealthNC by becoming covenant partners. In doing so partners commit to the following principles and guidelines:

  1. Join FaithHealthNC by signing a partner covenant
  2. Work collaboratively with other FaithHealth partners to improve health outcomes for individuals and local communities
  3. Contribute your organization’s particular strengths or capacities to strengthen the FaithHealth movement
  4. Share necessary information and leadership intelligence with FaithHealth partners in order to address health needs.
  5. Communicate available resources and identified needs to FaithHealthNC partners and staff in order to address individual and community health needs

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Commitments

  1. Provide a Health Care Liaison to assist members of partner congregations and neighbors to receive medical care at the right door, the right time, ready to be treated and not alone.
  2. WFBMC welcomes clergy and partner congregations as valued members of the health care team (i.e. facilitating access to patients, providing hospitality services).
  3. Notify clergy and congregations when members are hospitalized (with patient permission) and when community members/neighbors request support from partner congregations.
  4. Provide spiritual care during hospitalizations.
  5. Develop a plan to assist members following discharge from the hospital, identifying potential resources for patients in need (e.g., concerning medical bills, appointments, medicines, transportation).
  6. Provide training to congregational caregivers (e.g., privacy, visitation, hospital system navigation, community health resources, mental health, advance care planning, end of life care, etc.).
  7. Provide health-related information and education to congregations for disease prevention, management and wellness (such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease).
  8. Provide community asset mapping to identify and connect individuals to health-related resources.  Provide listing of resources to caregivers and CCCs.
  9. Explore expanded mental health services to communities.
  10. Provide benefits to partnering clergy, including:
  • Subsidies on Wake Forest Baptist Health bills for clergy and their families
  • Free CareNet counseling services up to a pre-determined number of sessions
  • Assistance in promoting congregational health (coaching, consultation and educational events)
  • Waived tuition for a basic unit of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Clergy wellness events and programs
  • Courtesy parking at WFBMC

We agree to join together in this covenant to promote the mission of FaithHealthNC.

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