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FaithHealth Evaluation/Research/Reports

Proactive Management of Hospital Readmissions and Indigent Care Costs through Faith-Based and Community Partnerships

Learning Collaborative (FaithHealth: The Right Group)

Final Report, November 2016. For The Duke Endowment Grant # 6485, awarded to Wake Forest School of Medicine, 2014-2016. Principal Investigators: Teresa Cutts, PhD and Gary Gunderson, MDiv, DMin. Prepared by Teresa Cutts, PhD and Beata Debinski, MS with Leslie Mikkelson, MPH, Larissa Estes, DrPH, Gary Gunderson, MDiv, DMin. Other Contributors: Elizabeth Mizelle, MPH, Dean Carter, MDiv, Dianne Horton, MDiv, BCC, Lisa Marisiddaiah, RN, Helen Milleson, BA, Barry Morris, MDiv, Renee Rutherford, RN, Dennis Stamper, LCSW, CLP, Maria Parries. CLICK HERE.


Prevention Institute: Opportunities to Strengthen Population Health Improvement Efforts in North Carolina

From: Larissa Estes, Leslie Mikkelsen, Prevention Institute, October 21, 2016

This memo describes Prevention Institute’s impressions of FaithHealth North Carolina’s (FaithHealthNC) existing assets and challenges, and issues a set of recommendations for advancing future work. Prevention Institute (PI) staff was pleased to be invited to visit with Wake Forest Baptist Health, FaithHealth Division to consider opportunities to build on existing activities to further improve population health in vulnerable communities. Through dialogue with members of FaithHealthNC Division staff (Appendix A) and a review of written materials, we considered FaithHealthNC’s current activities through the lens of quality community-wide prevention and health equity. CLICK HERE.