A Shared Mission of Healing

8 Strengths of Congregations


Videos by Gary Gunderson from the book

Deeply Woven Roots


Full Version, 22-minutes


Short videos for each of the 8 strengths

1 — Strength to Accompany


Life is “being with.” Congregations can create relationships. Expansive community. Building patterns of accompaniment.


2 — Strength to Convene


Convening to find God and each other. Convening in the war zone. The role of the faith community. Tending and mending the web.


3 — Strength to Connect


Disconnected communities. Deep connectedness. Faith risks trust. Healthy connections. Connecting for advocacy. Look for patterns. 


4 — Strength to Tell Stories

To tell the story is to frame the meaning. Discerning our story. Elements of a story. Practical steps toward giving context. 


5 — Strength to Give Sanctuary

Safe haven on a dangerous journey. Where spirituality comes alive. Where trust grows and shows.


6 — Strength to Bless

Why blessing? Pseudo-blessing. Clear way for hope. Implementing blessing.  


7 — Strength to Pray

Standing at the intersection. Prayerful humility empowers. The integrity of prayer. Not leaving prayer to chance.


8 — Strength to Endure

A different drummer. So there! Pass the coffee. Brokenness makes for endurance. One thing endures. 



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Congregations and the 8 Strengths