A Shared Mission of Healing

Lexington Updates

Making Connections in Lexington. FaithHealth volunteers get an opportunity to become involved in someone else’s life and see that it benefits that person immediately. For the patient, it lets them know there are other people out there that care about them, that they don’t walk alone.

Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce and FaithHealth. The Lexington community is taking the FaithHealth initiative in a new, exciting direction. In its first year, the initiative made significant progress in building participation of churches and connecting volunteers help take care of one another’s health care needs in conjunction with Wake Forest Baptist Health-Lexington Medical Center. Now, the movement in Lexington is expanding as the business community joins to enter a proactive phase of improving health.\

Mapping Lexington’s Assets. Concerned citizens met to map the needs and assets for better health in Davidson County. The county has no shortage of caring people and institutions providing a variety of services: support for people with cancer or AIDS, a day center for those suffering from dementia, and hospice services. There are outlets for people who need food, (including fresh produce), clothes, diapers, help for someone whose house burned down.