A Shared Mission of Healing

 Community Health Workers

“Community health workers should be members of the communities where they work, should be selected by the communities, should be answerable to the communities for their activities, should be supported by the health system but not necessarily a part of its organization, and have shorter training than professional health workers.” — World Health Organization

“When the Community Health Worker and client got together, they realized they not only knew each other but were actually related. You can’t train or design that kind of connection.”


Article: Community Health Workers, CHWs, close a gap


Now, more than ever, states are feeling the call to close the gap between the healthcare workforce they have and the healthcare workforce they need. That gap is deep and wide–as it is across the nation. With neighborhoods representing hundreds of countries, cultures, and ethnicities dotting the nation, it is clear that a broader, more diverse, and culturally-competent healthcare workforce is needed to provide crucial services.

Building the bridge across that gap is community health workers. Trusted and treasured public health professionals who are a part of…


Emily Viverette interviews Jeremy Moseley on Community Engagement

Interview with Jeremy Moseley, director of community engagement for FaithHealth. Connectors, Community Health Workers and more.

A Day in the Life of a Community Health Worker

What’s it like to be a CHW?


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E-Zine on Community Health Workers


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