A Shared Mission of Healing

FaithHealth Connectors

A part-time, lightly-funded role, Connectors provide hands-on caregiving, such as delivering meals, while also recruiting and training volunteers. Most are recruited as connectors because they are already trusted in the community, an organization, or specific social network. Many were doing FaithHealth work long before FaithHealth existed.







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The FaithHealth idea fits on a coffee cup: use our social strengths to get people to the right door, at the right time, ready to be treated and, most important of all, not alone.

The only instrument complex enough to accomplish that for any single human is another human with eyes and heart wide open. Health is social, especially when we are hurting. We need a team of others. The Connector’s role—and daily walk—is to remove fear, friction and disconnection from the lives of people by making the opposite real; by nurturing love, compassion and healing relationship that can bear the fruits of health. Brilliant!


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