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Groups Lend Hand to Dialysis Patients

Oct 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

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By Dianne Horton

As Chaplain for Care Transitions I have the opportunity to work closely with the dialysis centers, specifically Miller Street and Piedmont in Winston-Salem. At these centers I have established a connection with the social workers. Through these connections and time spent with patients I have become aware of the needs that exist with this patient population. Needs that seem so basic yet for many go unmet.

Comfort items such as blankets, pillows, socks and kidney-friendly snacks such as graham crackers, apple sauce and ginger ale are needed in the dialysis centers. These items help the patients manage the long treatment process by providing warmth and nourishment. Once I realized the need, I wondered how to have these items readily available for patients.

Masons, Veterans and Baptists

I was familiar with the community service initiatives of two groups, the Masons and the Veterans. I reached out to both and extended an invitation to touch the lives of our neighbors. Salem Lodge #139 and VFW Post #9010 accepted the invitation. Both groups committed to donating blankets. Salem Lodge #139 donated blankets to Piedmont Dialysis Center. VFW Post #1090 donated blankets to Miller Street Dialysis Center. During both presentations the social workers expressed their gratitude for the kind generosity.

While collaborating with the Masons and Veterans, I was invited to speak about my ministry during the annual conference of the Women’s Auxiliary of the High Point Missionary and Education Baptist Association. They also decided to adopt the dialysis centers as their outreach event for the conference. After my presentation I was escorted to the fellowship hall of Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church where I was elated to see this group’s missionary work. I saw boxes and boxes of crackers, juice, applesauce, fruit cups, napkins, cups, pillows, blankets and socks.

Their donation was welcomed by both Miller Street and Piedmont Dialysis Centers. Once again I saw the smiles on the social workers’ faces because they knew the impact these items would make in the lives of the dialysis patients.

It’s been an honor to work with these fine folks with such giving spirits. My heart has been warmed with joy as I have witnessed the expression of God’s love through such precious vessels. The members of these three organizations allowed the light and love of God to shine through them allowing abundant blessings to flow and be bestowed upon their neighbors.

What a beautiful sight to behold!

Painting: Libba Davis.

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