Embedded First Responder Chaplains

Embedded first-responder chaplains serve fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies, and others

Video from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

FaithHealth’s Chaplain Glenn Davis shares how First Responder Chaplains are deployed as integral, embedded members of emergency response teams.

Article: What is an embedded first responder chaplain?


As the name implies, first responders are often the first to reach the scene of a trauma.

In the course of a normal week, they may have to deal with homicides, suicides, accidental deaths or the use of deadly force. They often deliver traumatic messages, including death notifications. Many are exposed to line-of-duty death. These high-level sensory exposures and other work-related tasks can lead to health challenges such as chronic stress, social isolation, suppressed immune system, anxiety or hypertension — all of which can contribute to poor health and shorter lifespans.

“That the chaplains are ’embedded’ with the first responders makes a big difference, Davis says. ‘Showing up and building trust before something bad has happened makes it more likely we will get turned to when something does erupt.’”


Emily Viverette interviews Glenn Davis on how the program works

Interview with Chaplain Glenn Davis, manager of the First Responder Chaplaincy Program at Wake Forest Baptist. Glen served as the chaplain for 26 years with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and shares wisdom and expertise.