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Lelia Moore: the work is amazing, so are the results

Jan 14, 2019 | FaithHealth Stories, population health north carolina, Uncategorized

There’s a great article in the Greensboro-based News & Record about a remarkable woman, Lelia Moore, Congregational Nurse Coordinator at Cone Health since 1998. Moore retires this week, In the article, she recalls her first day at Cone Health: “I walked in my office and there was a computer and a blank piece of paper,” Moore said. “I said, ‘Lord, tell me what should go on that paper.'”

She has spent the last 47 years caring for the area’s most vulnerable people. “Sometimes it’s homelessness, hunger and not having enough food for the family, domestic violence, no means to get health care or to afford medications, or a lack of financial resources for basics,” says the article.

Starting with six congregations in 1999, the effort has grown dramatically:

…in the past two decades those congregational nurses logged 220,000 encounters, averted more than 3,500 non-emergency emergency room visits, provided 200 life-saving interventions and made nearly 38,000 referrals to primary care providers or agencies with nearly $14 million in health care savings to communities.

Read the article HERE!

Photo: News & Record.

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