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Jan 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

faith health north carolinaConcerned citizens met to map the needs and assets for better health in Davidson County, North Carolina. The area is rich in history, a few area churches date back to 1700s and the precursor to the local United Way to the 1880s. For two days in late January about 50 people gathered for a workshop at First Presbyterian Church, Lexington.

Davidson County has no shortage of caring people and institutions providing a variety of services: support for people with cancer or AIDS, a day center for those suffering from dementia, and hospice services. There are outlets for people who need food, (including fresh produce), clothes, diapers, help for someone whose house burned down.

“We take care of our own”

faith health NC lexington“Don’t worry about minding your own business in Davidson County,” said one participant. “Everyone will mind it for you.” The group expressed that many social services were offered for such a small community, and many connect with the county’s 350 congregations for financial, volunteer and other support.

health mappingThe loss of furniture making and other jobs has had a devastating effect on the local economy. It was noted that while the staff and funds are significantly down from ten years ago, they are still providing the services.

“We’re a community in grief,” said Lee Dukes. “I see this group today as mobilizing our forces to move forward.”

A full report will follow. For more information about FaithHealthNC in Lexington and Davidson County, contact:

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