A Shared Mission of Healing

QRT, Quick Response Teams

Article: Huntington’s QRT: The Face of Opioid Overdose Healing

It was a bad day in Huntington, West Virginia. In an eight-hour period in 2016, 26 people overdosed on opioids. And then something worse happened: Not a single one of them received a follow-up. They were alone. That was the tipping point that turned a bad day into a powerful catalyst and united an entire community — the local hospital and EMS, government, small businesses, and agencies — to step in and heal the problem, together. The face of healing the opioid overdose crisis in Huntington is the QRT, Quick Response Team.




Video: Quick Response Team, Lives on the Line

Huntington’s QRT program has brought one in three of its patients up for recovery. From the the WV DHHR.